2021 Whyte Hall Annual Fund

Dear Friends of Whyte Hall,


As the 2020 season winds down, I am reaching out with an end-of-year appeal in support of our goal of raising $25,000 for Whyte Hall. Whyte Hall is FIPPOA’s greatest asset. We are fortunate to have a beautiful building where the community can congregate for diverse events, performances, and fundraisers.


We all know that this year was a challenge. The pandemic caused Pines cultural groups-- including FIPAP, DRA, and other organizations—to cancel the majority of events that they typically hold at Whyte Hall during the season.


Despite this situation, and following the Governor’s executive orders for reopening, we eventually hosted a number of events on the Lepage Pavilion, including the FIPPOA Fall Meeting and election, our first-ever COBE Town Hall on diversity and inclusion, BOFFO performances, COVID antibody testing that was co-sponsored with the Pines Care Center, and the always popular yoga classes.


While these events were welcomed by FIPPOA and the Pines community, and we were delighted to host them, they were largely free events that did not generate income for Whyte Hall or cover its operating costs.


Now we are calling on you as we look forward to a vibrant 2021 season (regulations permitting). The Pines Foundation is a 501 c3 organization; your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


Members of the Pines community generously contributed millions of dollars towards the cost of building Whyte Hall, for which we are forever grateful. We are again asking for your support to raise $25,000. These funds are critically important to maintaining and operating Whyte Hall for the enjoyment of all. I hope that we can count on you. 


To donate, simply click DONATE NOW or go to fippoa.org/the-pines-foundation and click on DONATE.


On behalf of the Whyte Hall Operating Committee, let me wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. 


Best Regards,


Eric Sawyer

Chair, The Whyte Hall Operations Committee

The Whyte Hall Operations Committee

Eric Sawyer (Chair),

Ward Auerbach, Steven Alan Black, Howard Goldfarb,

Laura Hartstein, Roger Kluge, Albert Lepage, Ariadne Villarreal

Sequestered but easy to reach.

A dramatic venue in a unique community, Whyte Hall is midway between Manhattan and the Hamptons, yet a world away in atmosphere and spirit.

Heady mix of tradition and trendsetting

A fabled resort with a colorful history of spectacular parties, Fire Island Pines remains a center of gay culture and a treasured hideaway for entertainment and fashion trendsetters.

One of the world's greatest escapes.

The Pines is situated within the Fire Island National Seashore between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great South Bay, on one of the world's most beautiful beaches.

Brandon Fradd Theater

This state-of-the-art 172-seat theater can be configured in a variety of ways for meeting or performances.  The removal of theater seating creates a fabulous open space area for a ceremony, dinner or dance.

Lepage Pavilion

A stunning canopied 620-square-foot outdoor deck that is perfect for any party, open-air performance, or other private or public event.

Solstice Room

Modular, multipurpose indoor spaces, divisible by two self-contained areas that can house meetings or staging areas for any event.

Candreva Kitchen

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A fully equipped, professional catering kitchen at your service.