The Pines Foundation (TPF) is a Section 501(c)(3) affiliate of the FIre Island Pines Property Owners Association and is dedicated to preserving, protecting and enhancing the quality of life in the environmentally-sensitive community of FIre Island Pines. Whyte Hall, the Fire Island Pines community center, is owned and operated by the Foundation and plays a central role in providing services and cultural activities to residents and visitors. The Pines Party, the Foundation’s major annual fundraiser, is a legendary all-night party on the beach and the premier event on the community’s summer calendar.  A portion of the proceeds of the Pines Party are earmarked for the FIPPOA Fund of the Stonewall Community Foundation.  Since 1999, over $1.2 Million in grants have been awarded through Stonewall's FIPPOA Fund to 26 gay and lesbian organizations serving the New York community.