FIPPOA Harbor Property Usage Policy & Application

The deck under the roof of the Harbor West Pavilion, just south of Fire Island Boulevard maybe used by non-profit organizations subject to the following rules and regulations. This policy is temporary and may be revoked or modified at any time by FIPPOA. 1. Organizations MUST schedule a time for the use of the space. Call Dino Georgiou at 631-597-9527 or 212-989-7442 for an application. The specific schedule shall be at FIPPOA'S sole discretion. FIPPOA will determine the amount of time that may be reserved for any organization. Applications must be completed and approved prior to the use of the space. 2. There will be no fundraising activity on any other FIPPOA property. Only the Pavilion deck area can be used, and only during daylight hours. Individuals may not leave the designated area to solicit on other areas of FIPPOA Harbor property (i.e. Ferry wait line). 3. FIPPOA activities will have first priority. 4. No bullhorns or other amplifying equipment may be used. 5. Organizations will limit their representatives to no more than three at any time. 6. An officer of the organization must sign the application for use of the space, and the State of New York must legally register the organization to raise funds. 7. No materials, posters, etc. may be attached to any tree, shrub or structure in the Harbor. Helium balloons, due to their detrimental effect upon sea life, may not be used. 8. The organization will send the completed and signed application to: Dino Georgiou 148 W. 23rd Street 5H New York, NY 10011 9. FIPPOA will have the right to review the financial records of the event. Thirty days after the event a complete and detailed Income & Expense Statement must be presented to FIPPOA and signed by an officer.

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