Resident Resources

Top Tips for Homeowners

1. Test your smoke detectors and check your fire extinguisher guage

Installing a smoke detector is an easy and inexpensive way to protect you and your loved ones in the event of a fire. However, smoke detectors can fail you when you need them most if you don’t address their malfunctions. This is why testing your new home’s smoke detectors is so important. Light a few matches or spray a smoke test aerosol in front of each sensor every month or two to ensure they’re working.

Be sure check your fire extinguisher guage to ensure that the unit is operable. If you need to dispose of your fire extinguisher, 

Read about fire safety from the Fire Island Pines Fire Department.

2. Spring Cleaning

Returning back to your home or finally turning the key after your closing Is a really exciting time. Spring cleaning can be a whole lot easier if you recruit close friends and family (or entice them with food and drink). Be sure to read the Waste Collection Schedule & Guidelines regarding bulk waste.


In the early Spring, FIPPOA hosts a community clean-up day. For dates and details, be sure to sign up for the community newsletter. You can also read more about the community clean-up day here

3. Create a home maintenance checklist

Seasonal maintenance checks like cleaning gutters, landscaping, unclogging bathroom drains or preparing for the winter may be relevant to you. Be sure to create a home maintenance checklist to ensure your home is in good shape. Check out the Sandbook Directory for local service providers to help with your efforts.

Tips for New Homeowners

1. Locate Shut-off Valves

If you're doing repairs or if there is an emergency leak, it's necessary to locate your shut-off valves. Many homes and apartment buildings have a number of cutt-off points to stop water at its source. From your own shut-off valve, to your water company’s shut off valve, to the water meter, there are many locations to get familiar with — both inside and potentially outside your home.

2. Locate Circuit Breaker

Every once in a while you may need to replace a fuse or reset a circuit breaker (just try running your hairdryer and air conditioner in the same room at the same time!) And if there’s a power outage, you don’t want to be searching through the dark to find it. Common locations for circuit breakers are outdoors, in basements or garages, in storage closets, or in hallways. Also, be sure you know the difference between a circuit-breaker and a fuse box, in the event you need to restore power.

3. Decide on a lock-out solution

You will get locked out of your house every once in a blue moon – it happens! What’s important is that you have a backup plan for when the time comes. Some common ideas are to use a lock box or to hide a spare, but you can be as creative as you’d like. Maybe you have a buddy down the street who holds on to an extra key, or you’ve slid one under a planter. Whatever the case, be prepared!

4. Wagon Rack

Many homeowners take advantage of FIPPOA's convenient wagon rack, commonly known as the "community parking lot." It is a benefit to our FIPPOA members. Every season, we issue a new seasonal sticker. We recommend that you lock your wagon at all times as FIPPOA is not responsible for wagons that are lost, stolen, or damaged. An air pump is located at the wagon rack entrance.


Wagon stickers are distributed in the early spring of each season. Wagons without valid stickers are subject to removal. Abandoned locks are also subject to removal. Be sure to subscribe to the mailing list for details!


Wagon stickers are provided on a (1) sticker per house membership or (1) per associate membership. If additional stickers are required per house membership outside of the initial sticker, we recommend that another person in the same household join as an associate member.

Looking to buy a new wagon to replace an old wagon? Here are a few of the most commonly purchased wagons in The Pines. These specific carts are highlighted because they fit snugly in the corrals of the Wagon Rack and allow ample space for an exit path. 

     Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-It Utility Cart

     Carts Vermont Mid-size Yard/Garden Cart

5. Getting Things on/off the Island

(in progress)

6. Transfer utilities and services (water, electricity, gas, exterminator)

(in progress)