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Sand Purchase Program

Some of you may have seen the large equipment in the harbor and on the Boulevard that we are using to perform our biannual dredging project. Dredging the harbor is necessary to allow all boats to come in and out of the harbor without issue.

The sand that is removed from the harbor during this dredging project is available for purchase while supplies last.


For more information, please use our contact form or email


 Annual Tree Sale

Hosted by Pines Conservation Society

At the beginning of March, the Pines Conservation Society (PCS) announced their annual tree sale. To date, Pine’s homeowners have ordered a record number of over 150 trees. The last date to order a tree is April 16th. Please complete the order form to take advantage of this wonderful annual opportunity.

Learn more about the PCS Annual Tree Sale.

The PCS Annual Tree Sale is the result of the partnership between PCS and FIPPOA to combat the southern pine beetle infestation in our community. Read more about how you can help and details about the partnership here


The Fire Island Association has published this important update on the southern pine beetle that has been found on Fire Island and in the Pines. 


Community Clean-Up Day

FIPPOA provides specific dumpsters for free for Community Clean-up Day. We will notify the community through our e-blast newsletter, which details the items that can be collected in the dumpsters.


Dumpsters for community clean-up are available on designated dates only. Dumpsters on the boulevard outside of Community Clean-Up Day are rented by contractors and homeowners and are for their exclusive use only.


Please note: Placing household and yard refuse on Fire Island Boulevard is illegal. Do not place any waste on the boulevard including areas where there may be a dumpster.

For more details about Bulk household waste, please refer to the Waste Collection Schedule & Guidelines.


FIPPOA Volunteer Program

Our Community Manager, Karen McCutcheon has developed a FIPPOA Volunteer Program. In addition to a myriad of options that Karen has lined up for this season, there are other specific volunteer opportunities that may be of interest. Please refer to the April 13th Newsletter for more information.


Please visit FIPPOA Volunteer Program and provide your contact information and indicate from the electronic menu your specific areas of interest. A FIPPOA (or FINS for Carrington) representative will contact you directly at the appropriate time.