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As of September 2020, FIPPOA’s insurance company is now requiring that every passenger must sign an Indemnity Form releasing FIPPOA and its related entities from any claims. With the start of each new season, these forms must be signed again. We will keep all completed forms on file, so each passenger needs to sign the form only once per calendar year. 


Below are the ways you can obtain and submit an indemnity form:

  1. Fill out and submit the digital form here

  2. Click here to print out the form and give to any driver or drop in the "Local Mail Groups" mailbox in the post office lobby

  3. Ask for the form from a Mobility Cart driver and return the completed form back to the Cart driver

  4. Ask for the form at the pines post office, complete and place it in the mailbox labeled "Local Mail Groups"

The new blue SAGE-Kent Cart has arrived in the Pines!
Many thanks to all those who contributed to the purchase of the new cart.  The new cart cost $22,000. We raised nearly $50,000, which means we have a healthy reserve fund for the ongoing maintenance of our three vehicles.

MAC Service: Background
Years ago, community leaders realized that distances within the Pines were challenging many residents and visitors. We needed a safe and reliable way to transport those with difficulty walking.   With the help of SAGE and a few forward-looking residents, FIPPOA purchased the original cart in 1999.  The cart service began operating with a single cart, driven by and later named for Tom Rabig.
In 2010, we added the yellow Margie Cart. In 2015, we added the John Deere roadway vehicle. And in 2017, we retired the original SAGE cart and purchased the blue SAGE-Kent Cart.  Four volunteer drivers operate these three vehicles seven days a week from 7am to 7pm.  In 2016, total trips by all vehicles exceeded 1,200.  The John Deere alone made over 500 trips last year.
We maintain MAC vehicles to the highest level of safety.  Upkeep alone amounts to several thousand dollars each year. 


Your donation  -- 100% tax-deductible --  keeps the Pines' MAC cart service safe and reliable. You can donate in three ways:

By credit card:  Online at, click Pines Foundation; click Mobility Cart.


By check:  Mail your donation form along with your check payable to The Pines Foundation, PO Box 5305, Fire Island Pines, NY 11782.


In-person: Drop off a check, postage-free, at The Pines Post Office.


We appreciate tax-deductible donations of any amount for the Mobility Cart Fund.

Volunteer Drivers: Jerry Gaschen, Larry Tallamy & Douglas Wolfe