FIPPOA 2020 Membership Drive

As we celebrate the new decade and the 67th year of the Pines, we also celebrate a major milestone for the community with the completion of the FIMI project.  And with your membership support, we continue to protect, preserve, and improve our beautiful slice of paradise by supporting essential projects like these and more.  We hope that we can count on you this year to join FIPPOA or renew your membership. 

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With the relentless commitment of the FIPPOA board and staff, we were able to complete the FIMI beach replenishment project in time for the 2020 season.  This project—years in the making—was a massive undertaking that required coordination with multiple local, county, state and federal agencies.  Throughout this process, FIPPOA representatives worked tirelessly to assure that the FIMI project recognized and considered the concerns of homeowners in the Pines.


We can’t wait for you to see: 

  • Approximately 850,000 cubic yards of sand, almost tripling the depth of the beach in the Pines

  • 200,000 seagrass plantings covering 10.5 acres to maintain the integrity of newly built dune

  • Sand fencing reinstallation to ensure the preservation of this essential dune

  • New fortified public beach access walks to withstand storms


None of this work could be achieved without the support of our members.  It is essential that we embrace our role as protectors and stewards of the Pines in order to preserve and maintain this special community.  By joining FIPPOA, your membership dollars will be put to work on several important services for the Pines including management and oversight of the harbor, Fire Island Boulevard maintenance beautification, tick and mosquito control, and waste management, among others.  


Become a member before June 1, and we will include your name in an updated 2020 membership appreciation stanchion, located in the heart of the harbor. 


You can continue to help us by telling your neighbors and friends about the importance of joining FIPPOA. Remember that renters can also join FIPPOA as associate members.


We are excited to be your FIPPOA membership representatives and look forward to a fabulous and fun 2020 season.  Please email us anytime at or


Will you join us?


We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Chris Mai and Matt Tague, Membership Committee Co-Chairs 


Membership Committee: Wissam Abyad, Morty Ballen, 

Alan Klein, Roger Kluge, Dana Spitler, Michael Walsh


Membership volunteers: Gary Clinton, John Knoebel

* FIPPOA membership dues for all regular and associate members are paid on an annual basis (Jan 1-Dec 31). All memberships must be in good current standing to be eligible to vote for 2020 FIPPOA officer and president elections in the fall.

(FIPPOA By-Laws, Article VII.1)

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