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2019 Membership Drive

As we celebrate the new year, we also celebrate the 66th year of the Pines. For nearly seven decades, FIPPOA has relied on the support of our members. We hope that we can count on you this year to join FIPPOA or renew your membership. With your help, we are able to work year-round to maintain the special and unique character of the Pines for you and your fellow residents.


You can join or renew as an annual member or an automatically-renewing member HERE as well as create an account to manage your contact and payment information.


FIPPOA's work is critically important to preserve our beachfront community and protect your investment in the Pines. This year, it is even more essential. While we are all looking forward to enjoying a great summer with friends and loved ones, FIPPOA has been actively battling forces of nature that have put our community at risk. During this fall and winter, storms have already caused severe damage to the dunes along the ocean and several oceanfront houses.


On a positive note, without the relentless commitment and attention FIPPOA has brought to the FIMI Project—including active collaboration with local, county, state and federal agencies—this effort would not be moving forward. It is FIPPOA’s number one priority. FIMI will restore our dunes, protecting our community from environmental threats that climate change is thrusting upon us.


Last year, our Membership Committee produced The Sandbook, a guidebook that highlights FIPPOA's work and great service on behalf of the community. When you become a member before April 26th, we will mail you The Sandbook along with your 2019 wagon rack sticker. Tuck them away in your “spring opening” bag.


You can continue to help us by telling your neighbors and friends about the importance of joining FIPPOA. Remember that renters can also join FIPPOA, too.


In return, please consider us your personal representatives of FIPPOA. We and our dedicated Membership Committee are here to help. Please e-mail us anytime at tamihausman@gmail.com or russellsaray@gmail.com. Although we love compliments, we are also open to suggestions to ensure that your 2019 season is clean, fun, and hassle-free.


Can we count on you?


We look forward to seeing you this summer!


Tami Hausman and Russell Saray, Membership Committee Co-Chairs


Membership Committee:

Wissam Abyad, Morty Ballen, Alan Klein, Roger Kluge, Chris Mai,

John Ricotta, Dana Spitler, Matt Tague, Michael Walsh


Membership volunteers:

Gary Clinton, John Knoebel