FIPPOA has teamed up with the Pines Conservation Society to combat the southern pine beetle infestation in our community.  Here are the Details.

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"The Supreme Court decision in favor of marriage equality is a great day for all Americans. It affirms that everyone has a constitutional right to marry the person of their choice and there are no exceptions in our country when it comes to fundamental human rights . This victory is the result of millions of gay men and women coming out of the closet these last. 50 years since Stonewall and saying out loud "we are gay and entitled to be treated with dignity and equality ". The Pines was one of the first and only places where gays could publicly express their  sexuality. We could hold hands  in the sunshine just like everyone else . We are proud  of the part that our Fire Island community has played in this gay rights victory."


- Jay Pagano, FIPPOA President

Alan Brockman: A Remembrance

Ron Martin

May 9, 2015

Southern Pine Beetle


The Fire Island Association has published this important update on the southern pine beetle that has been found on Fire Island and in the Pines.